25 March 2009

the surest sign of spring

It's a beautiful spring day. The kids were anxious to go outside. The ground is well thawed, and I have already been gifted with several rocks for the always growing rock collection. Lucky, lucky me.

23 March 2009

miss me?

Has anyone missed hearing from me the past month? I'm considering letting the blog go because I'm not sure if anyone actually checks it anymore since I've become so sporadic in my writing. If you're still out there, please let me know. The quick summary of the past month is that the Liberian invasion (as Peter calls it) led to more chaos than we ever dreamed. All 10 of them spent the a good percentage of their time here for their first 14 days in America. We were anxious to take our house back. Now they live about a block away. They're adjusting and settling into school and work, but the chaos is just different now. We've had a lot of surprises with them on a lot of fronts. Then, just when we started to get them settled in their home, I left for 9 days in Guatemala. Peter signed me up in the fall to lead a short term trip for Worldlink with a bunch of college kids, never dreaming that our refugee commitment would end up overlapping. I wasn't too happy about going in the midst of everything, but it ended up being a better trip than I anticipated. You can check out some of my favorite photos from the trip while you wait for me to send some updated photos of our crew. Right now any extra ounce of energy we have is getting dumped into our kids and/or our marriage so that our family doesn't fall apart before our 4 month refugee commitment is over. We appreciate the prayers many of you have offered on our behalf. Please keep praying. It's not over yet!