24 April 2010

pondering spiders

All 5 of us were just out digging in the flower garden. We found a huge spider with a very large egg sack. After studying her for a bit, Joshua asked if the other spiders would have a baby shower for her.

20 April 2010

kidney & liver disease update

We had our regular 6 month visit to the nephrologist today to check Joshua and Garty out. In the middle of the exam, the doctor turned to me and randomly said, "The best thing that could happen is for you to feel like your visit was a waste of time." He then proceeded to remind me that one day the visit might not be routine, and that day will be a scary one.

But for now things look good. Garty's blood pressure meds seems to be working. They both had blood drawn for a bunch of tests, and everything looked good. We'll go back in October, hopefully to "waste" more time.

here's a winner

Patience often says "she" when she means "he" and vice versa. We've always assumed it's because English is her second language. This morning, however, she offered a different explanation.

She was telling Peter something and referred to me as "he." She quickly realized her own error and changed it to "she." Then she immediately told him that she gets confused because Peter and I are both white. She has to look to see who is wearing glasses to tell the difference.

Wow. That really makes sense of it all and proves that all white people really do look alike... even a 6' tall male and a 5'2" female.

17 April 2010

spring, glorious spring

We're a bit picture happy these days. I'm blaming it on the gorgeous spring days and all the outdoor fun. Some of the pictures were too fun not to share, so we hope you'll take a minute to check out our spring photo album.

09 April 2010

from the first day to now

April 9, 2007
April 9, 2008
April 9, 2009

April 9, 2010

happy gotcha day to us

3 years ago today we met our 3 beautiful children. It was the end of a long journey and the beginning of a very different long journey. Both journeys were stressful and exciting and hard, and we wouldn't trade either for anything in the world.

Tonight we will celebrate the anniversary of our first day as a family. We will set our mouths on fire with Liberian food. We will watch the video from the orphanage that day. We will look through all our pictures of Liberia. We will take a family photo and compare it to last year's photo and the year before that and our very first family photo ever.

I'll get back on to post the family photos later, but for now here are a few random pictures from our first few minutes with each of our kids.

05 April 2010


On the way home from church, Patience was talking about what God is like. My favorite statement was, "God is nice." There's a warm fuzzy for you.

And the best quote of the weekend... The 3 kids were talking in the car Saturday evening about their futures and who would live where and have how many kids. As Joshua was sharing about his future family, he wasn't sure if he would "adopt kids or get babies out of bellies." I think it's sweet that he wants to consider adoption, but we're a bit concerned about the potential baby harvesting operation he's plotting. Do you think we should worry?

04 April 2010

a weekend of Easter celebrations

A beautiful weekend of family fun with a few friends thrown in for good measure. I uploaded plenty of pictures to make up for my long hiatus. We hope you all enjoyed a wonderful weekend as well.