29 June 2010

our ego boost for the day

I just walked in the room in time to hear Joshua say, "Everybody's little to God." Garty emphatically responded, "Except Mommy and Daddy!"

07 June 2010

2 new websites

After months of hard work, Worldlink just launched its new and improved website! Peter was heavily involved in the writing and design, logging countless hours. Becky edited the majority of the site. You should check it out!

We're also super excited about our much smaller brand new website for the Norristown Community House, a great new opportunity for young adults 18 and up! We're still looking for 2-3 more participants before our 2010-11 launch in August, so please look over the site and then share it with young adults who may be interested. Someone may have a life changing experience because you took the time to share, and we'll be so thankful for your part in kicking off our new ministry.

03 June 2010

happy 4th birthday to Garty

Our baby doesn't seem like much of a baby anymore. Today we celebrate 4 years of life for our little man.

Do you remember our fear and helplessness when he was hospitalized and we feared that we'd never meet our baby?

Do you remember how God preserved him and turned him into a pudgy little boy by them time we got to Liberia?

Can you believe that last weekend that pudgy little boy was climbing around in a tree all by himself?

02 June 2010

weekend quotes

On Saturday, Garty was practicing his drop kick with a soccer ball. When he doesn't completely miss, he kicks it pretty high. After one particularly good kick, he said, "I kicked it higher than God."

In the car on Sunday, Joshua said, "I wish the dinosaurs were still alive-- but not the meat eaters, the plant eaters." In an effort to console him, Patience replied, "But the groundhogs are still alive!"

01 June 2010

so true

I just read this brief but significant observation regarding Jesus feeding the 5000.

"God never asks us to give what we do not have... But he cannot use what we will not give." (Richard Stearns)