17 January 2012

one reason we do what we do

I'm re-reading Theirs is the Kingdom, a wisdom-packed little book of stories about life in inner city Atlanta. As I read the preface, I felt so humbled and overwhelmed by the truth of it as we live and work here in Norristown:

My wife and I saw the city as a mission field and ourselves as missionaries carrying the light of the gospel into the darkness of the ghetto. How surprised we were when we discovered that the One who had called us already preceded us. Those to whom we came to share our faith frequently had more faith than we did. They had learned to depend on God for their daily bread, and answers to their prayers were often miraculous. Their capacity to care sacrificially for neighbors and family members made our scheduled, metered acts of service sometimes seem trite and even self-serving.

After 6 years in Norristown, I still have so much to learn. It's hard to imagine living anywhere else, yet I often feel out of place. I'm so thankful to be here and to have the opportunity to invite others to come and experience Norristown as well. There is still so much to learn!

16 January 2012

it's funny because it's true

In a discussion about about how old we are, Joshua just said, "I'll round 38 to 40..." So he evidently has decent math skills but not enough common sense to stay in our good graces.

07 January 2012

sometimes kids really are cute

While sitting at the dinner table, Joshua asked if Peter would tell the story of how he proposed to me. Then he added, "and don't leave anything out." Garty chimed in and said, "not even the kissing part!"