30 June 2008

for the Grove City gang

If his insatiable appetite isn't evidence enough, here is indisputable proof that Garty is definitely Clark's boy. (Thanks, Shannon!)

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29 June 2008

the things kids say

Just when you think kids have mastered the English language, they get things just a little confused. Last Monday to Friday I taught the preschool Bible lesson at VBS. One night when we were talking about heaven, a girl told me very matter of factly, "My uncle is in heaven. He passed out." A few minutes ago as I was trimming Joshua's nails, Patience came in to see why Joshua wasn't responding to her calls. His response was, "I'm getting my hands cut."

27 June 2008

don't panic

We're not dead. More soon.

06 June 2008

2 steps forward, 1 step back

The other day as we were walking to school to pick up Joshua, Patience and I were practicing spelling her name. After about the 10th try, she was able to spell it correctly without any help from me. I excitedly praised her. "Patience, you did it! You can spell your name! You're definitely ready for preschool!" She beamed and triumphantly announced, "I ready for preschool. I know my numbers."

04 June 2008

vacation report

Peter's back. Life is settling back to normal. The second half of our time without him went very smoothly except for the afternoon that Patience got into my jewelry and lost my engagement ring. It was recovered, but not without much searching (by everyone in the house) and weeping (by Patience and me). To save me some time, I thought I'd let you read my brother's report about Peter's adventures. The links he included to the pictures aren't working for me, but you can go directly to them here and here.