18 February 2010

great article

Every adoptive parent should read this short article. So should everyone who knows an adoptive family. Frankly, there's wisdom there for all parents. You should probably just go read it... Becoming More Real to My Kids

16 February 2010

it's snowing... again

The roads are slick again this morning as snowflakes dance past our windows leaving a thin fresh layer of snow to brighten up the the piles of snow from last week. Despite the inconveniences and the extended school vacation, I enjoy the simple beauty of the snow. Here's my favorite picture from last week of the path Peter shoveled through our yard to the garage and the large tree branch that fell in storm #2.

15 February 2010

tonight's dinner conversation

A conversation between a son and his father...

Joshua: Why are you starting to have so much gray hair?

Peter: Because when kids cause a lot of trouble, their parents' hair turns white.

Joshua: Noooo. It's because you're almost a grandpop.

10 February 2010

the power of memory

This morning I've been listening to Gordon Lightfoot and Peter, Paul and Mary. If I close my eyes during certain songs, I'm suddenly 45 minutes away from Norristown watching my dad rock slowly in his chair while he reads. I'm guessing most of us have those memory triggers. Sounds, foods, activities, places. I have lots of them for my parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles. Things that take me back to another time in my life. As I flipped pancakes and pondered the amazing way our memories work, I started wondering what those triggers will be for our kids when they grow up. What will make them think of me? Will they be happy or sad things; things I did intentionally or things I never even thought about? Although it's an impossible question to answer, it's interesting to ponder.

06 February 2010

birthday performance

First thing this morning the kids wanted to put on a show for Daddy's birthday. Here are the performers ready to go.

Garty quickly decided that he prefered to make phone calls. After all, he's evidently a bit of a celebrity. He pretended to call several family members. After a particularly long chat with Aunt Christy, he told us he was going to call Liberia. He dialed and said, "Hello, Liberia!"

The show went on without him. Joshua drummed.

Patience danced. She spent much of the time watching her reflection in the TV, but she was also happy to have her picture taken. She's become disturbingly excited about seeing her beautiful self.

And at some point there was a costume change.

02 February 2010

7 and counting

As of yesterday afternoon, the kids have a new cousin, and we have a new niece. We can't wait to meet little Sophie.