29 January 2011


I was recently inspired by a former student who had committed to reading 52 books in 52 weeks during 2010. (She completed the challenge, though I think she only blogged 50 of the books.) I love to read, but these days I have difficulty finding a quiet time to sit and read without falling asleep. I'm told it's just this stage of life, but it's frustrating. I decided I need a challenge to keep me reading, though I'm not ambitious enough to go for a book a week. Instead, I'm going to try for 2 books a month, for a total of 24 in 2011. If you read a lot, that goal won't sound very ambitious to you, but it's a challenge for me.

In honor of my new goal, I revamped our reading list on the sidebar. I separated my reading list from Peter's and added some of our favorite books. I'm already annoyed because Peter's 2011 list is twice as long as mine. I must remember that this is a personal challenge and not a competition.

The most fun part is that I've started reading the Chronicles of Narnia to the kids, and they love the books. Though I'm only going to count the series as one book for my personal challenge, it's been great fun. I remember sitting and listening to my Daddy read Narnia to me, and I'm excited to continue the tradition.

27 January 2011

snow day

Every night at dinner we each say our favorite part of the day. Tonight 3 kids in succession said, "My favorite part of the day was the whole day." And why wouldn't it be? Lots of friends at our house for many hours and a great sledding trip with Daddy and a few friends late in the afternoon. I think they'll sleep well tonight.

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25 January 2011

another adoption post

Yes, we're still alive. I'm just trying to balance exciting but crazy ministry stuff with times to sit back and breathe and enjoy my family. It's a struggle, but I'm feeling more at peace now than I did most of last year. I do have some things I hope to share here later this week, but I'm not making any promises.

I just took a minute to read this post about adoption, and I completely connected with it. I thought I'd share it, since I know many of you appreciated the post I shared in December.