08 December 2007

very sweet

We sent photo albums to Liberia for each of our kids while they were at the orphanage. When the kids came home, they still looked through them constantly. It was the link that tied their old life to their new one. Every few weeks Joshua and Patience still pull theirs out and ask to have them read at bedtime. The books for the older two are virtually identical, but we read both anyway. Garty's, however, is a Sassy chew book appropriate for the 4 month old baby we were matched with. We didn't write anything in his except "we love you" on the last page. It's just pictures. A few minutes ago, Patience started looking through Garty's book and applying her "story" to his pictures. It sounded like this: "Mommy and Daddy. Mommy and Daddy love you so much. Jesus love you more." It's good to hear from her mouth that she understands how much we love them, especially during a week when loving has been harder than usual.

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