28 July 2008

must be summer

I follow a few other blogs of friends who have kids. Very few of them have posted much lately. They must be as caught up with summer as we are. With all the wonderful busyness of summertime, my brain hasn't been up to writing posts. We have loads of pictures to share, but our computer situation is such a mess that I can only post from Peter's work laptop when he's home at night and the battery is charged. (Seriously, we have 3 computers floating around here between ours and 2 from Worldlink, and none of them do everything they should. Peter has to plug his battery into another computer every 3 hours or so to charge it, and that's the "good" computer. We really need to purchase a new computer.) As a result, not much communication has happened. Blogging has finally made it to the top of my to do list for the week, so we'll see if it actually happens. I just thought I'd post quickly to say that we're having a wonderful summer. Since last spring and summer were such a crazy adjustment time, I feel like this summer is my first extended period having all 3 of my kids in my life full time. It's great! We've had lots of exciting new experiences, and we're all growing and being stretched in so many ways. If anyone still checks this blog, please stay tuned for some fun pictures in the near future. Peter's out tonight helping friends with their new house, so maybe I'll get ambitious... or maybe not. I still have quite a few hours to go before the kids' bedtime.


Jamie said...

I still check your blog!! Glad to hear that you are enjoying your summer. Keep on enjoyin' and blog when you can!

All 8 of Us said...

Hey Becky,
i still check in occasionally as well :) Looking forward to pictures!

C and C said...

Hi Becky! I am loking forward to an update too!