25 September 2008


Garty's favorite phrase: "I not baby. I Garty." The first time he said it I was getting a sleepy boy up from his nap and asked, "Hey, baby, how was your nap?" His cute response made me smile because it was such a grown up boy thing to say. After hearing it 30 times, it was less cute and more annoying. Now the phrase has morphed and can be used many different ways throughout the day. For example, if Peter says, "Hey, pal," Garty may respond, "I not pal. I Garty." Likewise if I say, "Are you hungry?" I might hear, "I not hungry. I Garty." I never would have thought that 5 simple words from the mouth of a handsome little boy could make me want to scream. I'm sure this will be a sweet memory somewhere down the road, but I welcome any advice on how to move us toward making it just a memory.

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