20 April 2010

here's a winner

Patience often says "she" when she means "he" and vice versa. We've always assumed it's because English is her second language. This morning, however, she offered a different explanation.

She was telling Peter something and referred to me as "he." She quickly realized her own error and changed it to "she." Then she immediately told him that she gets confused because Peter and I are both white. She has to look to see who is wearing glasses to tell the difference.

Wow. That really makes sense of it all and proves that all white people really do look alike... even a 6' tall male and a 5'2" female.


Danny said...

Haha! That's great

Christy said...

That's great! It actually makes me feel better then when my kids see a brown person and assume they must be adopted or they must be from Liberia. "Guys, their like you! They are not all the same!!"

nadine said...

oh, didn't you know? i mix you and peter up all the time.

Shayn* said...

I've always wondered if all us white people looked the same! ;)