24 May 2010

reliving the memories

Grove City College's alumni magazine did an article about our family this spring. (We show up on the cover and page 5, but our story starts on page 20.) After reading the story, I've been feeling nostalgic about the waiting days and our trip to Liberia and our early days home. Today (when I should have been working), I flipped through some old pictures and videos that I haven't seen for a while. As I haven't been up to posting anything new recently, I thought maybe I'd share a few memories that never made it on the blog.

The day we first saw our kids' pictures, we were with Grove City friends at a pool party. After driving around to get a wireless signal and downloading the pictures to our laptop, we returned to share our joy. Marcy thought we should have our pictures taken with each of the kids. At the time, I thought it was weird to have our picture taken with a computer screen. Tonight I'm so happy we have these shots!

By the way, if you really don't care to look at us and prefer to see close ups of our first pictures of the kids, we understand. Here's the link.


Theresa said...

I was SO excited to see you in the magazine! Great article. Actually the whole issue is good. But I'm proud to call you my friends :)

Peter and Becky said...

Thanks, Theresa! It's a good thing you're happy to have us because I'm pretty sure you're stuck with us forever.