06 December 2010

great gift ideas

We're currently picking out birthday gifts for Jesus. We will choose gifts that reflect things we believe make Jesus happy and are also close to our hearts. Here are some of the options up for consideration.

We might buy a stove for a family in Haiti or provide clean water for someone in Liberia or give animals to an Asian family because we believe Jesus care about our basic needs.

We might give money to help fund an adoption because we believe Jesus wants to put the lonely in families. We might do that through From HIV to Home or Lifesong for Orphans or Run for Orphans because they are organizations to which we're personally connected.

What do you think would make Jesus happy? What is close to your heart? I challenge each of us to think outside the box the Christmas and look for new ways to give. Whether you're looking for a gift for Jesus or for someone who really doesn't need anything, donations make great gifts and don't create clutter.

Later this week I'll be posting some of my favorite "real" gifts for those who may not appreciate a donation but would love a gift with purpose. Stay tuned.

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