14 June 2006

pray for patience

It's Becky here... wishing I had something positive to post today. The fact is, I'm sitting at the computer on the verge of tears. Most of you know that our adoption has been significantly delayed due to lots of problems as well as changes in the Liberian government. Some of you know that we've been handling the delay relatively well and trying to keep ourselves busy as we wait. What none of you know is that we were told last Thursday that we would probably have a referral (meaning names, ages, and faces) by last weekend. We didn't tell anyone just in case it didn't happen. Well... it didn't happen, and now it looks like it could be even more waiting.

We didn't realize how anxious we really were until we were given empty hope about a referral. We were on pins and needles all weekend. Now we're both really struggling. Please pray that God would encourage us as we wait. I can only speak for myself, but I'm ready to give up on the entire process at this point.

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