30 September 2006

details about our kids

We just received an email with more information about our kids! There's much more we'd like to know, but at least it's a start. Here's what they sent us...

Joshua is a size 3-4. He is quiet natured but usually happy.

Patience is a size 2-3, though she might only be in 3's by the time she gets to the States. She is also quiet natured. She seems contemplative a lot of the time. She is very sweet natured. SHE IS POTTY TRAINED [emphasis added by a very happy mommy], but needs to wear a diaper during naps and at night.
Garty is a size 3-6 months, but he will probably be a size 9-12 months by the time he gets to the States. He is growing very fast [i.e. getting a big fat belly that mommy can't wait to tickle]. He is a very good natured baby. He loves sleeping with his blankie, playing with his toys, and being sung to. He drinks Guigos formula (a product of Nestle). He does not like Similac. (He won't drink it.) He now takes his formula with rice cereal mixed inside. This helps him stay full longer.

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