26 September 2006

surprise phone call

We got a call from our adoption agency Sunday at 8:30pm. When Becky heard Donna's voice on a Sunday evening, she was petrified that one of the kids was seriously sick. Donna actually had new pictures of the kids and wanted to email them to us right away! We hardly recognized the older 2 kids. It's weird how you build your entire relationship with your kid around the 1 or 2 pictures you have, and then you can't imagine them looking any other way. We're happy that Patience is smiling, but are otherwise not thrilled with her new picture. It's a strange angle that makes her look completely different than the last picture. We love the other 2 pictures though. Garty is starting to look like a little person with a personality! They all look happy! Unfortunately, after trying unsuccessfully to upload the pictures for several hours yesterday, I've now been trying again for 2 hours today. Something is wrong, but I'm not tech savvy enough to fix it. I'll try to add the photos as a link on the right side of the page. Stay tuned!

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