08 October 2007

new and improved smiles

Bright and early this morning we dragged ourselves out of bed so Joshua and Patience could have their dental work done. They drank their "juice" (sedative) and played for a while before the dentist could work. We weren't allowed to go back with them, so we caught up on our reading. Evidently Patience was very cooperative (thanks to the juice), but Joshua had a much harder time settling down. However, once they calmed him, he was fine for the rest of the time. Things went smoothly, and they were able to finish everything. We are so thankful we don't have to go back! Unfortunately, two of Joshua's teeth were worse than expected, so they had to extract one and cap another that they planned to fill. Recovery today was pretty tough at first. The kids were very agitated and couldn't understand the numbness. Joshua was in quite a bit of pain when the novocaine wore off and made sure we felt the pain with him. Peter worked from home this afternoon so he was nearby to keep me from losing my mind. We agreed that bedtime would be as early as possible this evening, so they were all in bed 1.5 hours early. Peter somehow found the energy to leave the house and is subbing for a volleyball league tonight. I've parked myself on the couch and plan to stay here until forced to leave. It's amazing how exhausted sitting around all day can make you! Tomorrow the kids and I are off to CHOP bright and early so Garty's nephrologist can check them all out.

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Melodie Sheppard said...

I still check! You know the kids were mine before you got them, especially Garty ;-), so it menas a lot to me to be able to see how they are doing. I am interested to see what they find out about Garty.

Keep up the good work! The kids are blessed to have you as parents, and you are blessed to have them.