27 October 2007

waiting for news

Joshua and Patience had their abdominal ultrasounds early Friday morning, but we still don't know what the conclusion is. The tech originally said that the doctor would look at them and tell us what he saw right after she finished. Afterward the story changed. She said he decided he needed to look at them more thoroughly and compare them to Garty's ultrasounds in order to complete a report. We're assuming this response means that he saw something abnormal, but we don't know what. They told us to put a call in to our specialist so he could get back to us in the afternoon, but we never heard from him. So now we wait until Monday to hear something.

Last night we distracted ourselves on a rainy Friday evening by having a carpet picnic and watching Jungle Book. Everything went smoothly if you ignore the fact Garty sat on his plate of pizza several times when he got excited and started bouncing around to the music. All 3 kids actually sat through the entire 78 minute movie and went to bed happily afterward.

Today Peter and the boys went to a memorial service for a friend's mom while Patience and I went to a "girl party" (a.k.a. bridal shower) for my cousin's fiancee. Everything went well until we ended the day with Garty taking a serious tumble down the stairs. We kept him up late to see if he was acting normal. He was his usual active self after all the initial crying, but we're still going to check on him frequently during the night to make sure he doesn't show any signs of a concussion. Once the initial adrenaline wore off from the scare, we were both overcome by a strange mix of nervous, fear-filled energy and sheer exhaustion. So much for our great plan to put the kids to bed early, chill on the couch with a movie, and get some good sleep. Kids really mess up our well-laid plans! If you read this message over the weekend, we'd appreciate prayers for our baby boy (who doesn't seem much like a baby anymore). We'll update you on all the kids' health as soon as we have something to share.

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Becky said...

I'm still out here and a regular visitor to your blog. I'll be praying this weekend for your kids' health and for peace for both of you.

Becky Avella (AOH group)