15 January 2008

where did our baby go?

Since we met him, Garty has always had a particular cry that he uses when he's throwing a tantrum as well as a whiny cry that he uses when he wants attention (interrupted by silences while he listens to see if anyone is responding appropriately). Now, however, he has definitely reached toddler stage. He has started stomping his feet so we can't miss the fact that he's throwing a tantrum. Sometimes he also throws himself down to make his point clear. Recently when he was angry at his siblings he spun himself around and slammed his face into the side of the door frame. Another time he tried to throw himself on the ground but missed and hit the corner of the coffee table. Both incidents looked rather painful, but it was hard not to laugh since he brought it on himself. This afternoon Garty was so unhappy about wearing his boots that he had to come in from playing in the snow and sit with his sick Mommy because Daddy was tired of hearing all the whining. Tonight he decided he didn't want to eat his dinner and started spitting it back at Peter. As Peter was telling him that he would get his hand smacked if he spit his food out again, Garty made a face that made Peter laugh, seriously diminishing the threat of punishment. The good news is that the toddler/terrible 2's stage only lasts a month or 2. Right??!!


Charity said...


Where did you hear that??Smile:)

Parent of a 3 year old on month 11 of terrible 2's!!!

Faith said...

Hahaha! Like Charity I am the mom of a 3 year old (who has never thrown tantrums though), a 22 month old who has thrown tantrums since he came home at 14 months(and who I don't think is going to stop any time soon) and one crazy 4 1/2 year old that has been throwing tantrums since she was 1 and still hasn't outgrown them. So I guess you could say we are on 3 years and around 5 months of them. Praying your discipline works better for Garty than ours does for Alana! She doesn't seem to care, she LOVES to yell and stomp her feet.
Blessings, Faith

Hi. My name is Alanna. said...

Sure - a month or two - define exactly how long a MONTH is again. If we're talking the length of human days, ummm, you might be in for a shock... but if you look at it from God's version of time, I imagine a whole month should cover it. ;P Hahahahahaha!!!

I just read your comment by "faith" - so funny - they have an "Alana" too who "doesn't seem to care, she LOVES to yell and stomp her feet." My mom would LOVE to meet Faith - and Alana - it would remind her of the days when that was ME. Like when I was around three and started running back and forth across the room banging on one wall, then on the other, and she said, "Where is my sweet little girl who doesn't run and bang on walls?" She says I stopped, looked at her, and replied, "She's not here right now." Then I went back to running, yelling, and banging the walls again. Of course I did. B/c what else is there to do when you're a three year old bottle of energy and determination?