25 May 2008

halfway there

I'm single parenting for 9 days while Peter explores Kings Canyon and Sequoia National Parks with my brother Steve in California. About a month ago I was checking around and found him a ticket to San Jose that cost $250, the exact amount of gift money he received for his birthday this year. He was still hesitant to go and leave us, but I assured him that we'd be fine and he should go without guilt. We're doing amazingly well without him (I'm sure I'll regret saying that) apart from the tire I blew out on my way to a friend's Thursday. Fortunately, we were able to park the car close to home, and another friend's husband changed it for me the next day.

The middle of today marked the halfway point of Peter's trip. That milestone would have been exciting enough for us at home, but then we actually got our first call from him around 6pm. I was so thrilled. They can't get a signal on their phones to call in the parks, so I knew we might not hear from them at all. Then today they found a pay phone and used all their quarters to check in. Unfortunately, they've had lousy weather and have spent most of the trip so far dealing with snow, rain, and fog. They've only had one decent day hike and nothing overnight yet. If you feel inclined, I'd love it if you'd pray for the weather to clear so the second half of the trip is more enjoyable than the first. I feel strongly that Peter needs a relaxing time away from the pressures of everyday life to connect with himself and God, and it's a lot easier to relax when you're not stuck in a tent in lousy weather. I'll update again if I hear anything else, and I hope to have some beautiful pictures to share after Peter comes home Thursday night.

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Jamie said...

Hey, I know for a fact that you made it through your single parenting stint! Congratulations. Maybe the prospect of scrapbooking kept you sane.I had a lot of fun with you on Saturday. Hope we can do it again.