06 May 2008

ready to go to Guatemala?

As if things haven't been crazy enough around here the past few weeks, I've now been convinced (by Peter) to lead a trip to Guatemala in August. He'll be Mr. Mom by day and working from home by night while I introduce a team of North Americans to the wonderful people of Guatemala for a week. Our previous trips there have always been life changing. We're currently taking applications for the team, so let us know if you'd like more information about the trip. We'll be working with Mildred Pur de Lacan and her team of volunteers. You can read more about Mildred in our latest Prayerlink. I know it's easy to dismiss opportunities like this because you don't have time or don't think you can raise the funds or can't get away from your family or a long list of other reasons, but if I can make it a priority, you probably can, too. Give it some thought.

By the way, I know I left you all hanging on our 1 year updates... and the car situation... and all the huge firsts of the past few weeks that you don't even know about yet. I promise I'll write at least one of the belated posts this week. Now that I've said it, I'll be guilted into getting it done. Not tonight though. My brain is too fuzzy.

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