02 February 2009

why we love life in Norristown

Yesterday we got up and went to our bilingual (Spanish & English) Sunday worship service. We sang in both languages, and the service was fully translated back and forth except for the special music when a Tanzanian sang "What a Friend we Have in Jesus" in Swahili. After church 17 of us had lunch at a friend's house. The adults around the table included a single Mexican guy, a white American married to a Tanzanian, a Mexican couple, another Anglo married to a Mexican, and a Brit who was there alone but married an African. There were a bunch of kids, too. I spoke English from the time we arrived until right before dessert and then got sucked into Spanish conversation with the Mexican contingent for the rest of our visit. Our life is so much more colorful (literally and figuratively) than we would have dreamed 10 years ago. And we love it.

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Hi. My name is Alanna. said...

Awesome... totally awesome. Life is so beautiful, isn't it?