19 January 2010


I just updated our current reading list on the sidebar. I, who hate reading more than one book at a time, just finished a novel and am in the middle of 4 other books with several others that I'm anxious to start. I'll admit that I'm not making much progress, but it's fun to be reading at least occasionally. I missed it. Peter's been up late reading several nights recently, but he jumps back and forth between reading and remodeling.

My Honoring Christmas recap will be up by tomorrow morning. I should definitely win some kind of award for blogging so consistently.


Christy said...

Animal Vegetable Miracle, There is No Me Without You, Amusing Ourselves To Death, A Long Way Gone were great!
30 days to a Simpler Life looks interesting to say the least. Want to do a review of it when you are done? I really want to read Last Child in the Woods as well. I'll have to see if the library has it. Thanks for in info, I'm always up for new book recommendations!

Peter and Becky said...

My sister really likes the 30 Days book and rereads it occasionally. She loaned it to me last night, so I've only read the intro and day 1. If I forget to let you know, feel free to ask how it was.

I loved the ideas in Last Child in the Woods, but it was a very slow read for me. I actually ran out of renewals at the library before returning it. I might try to grab it again this year and finish.