13 January 2010


I must confess that I've become so desensitized to pain and suffering and natural disasters that I really wasn't even upset when I first heard last night that there was an earthquake in Haiti. I'm embarrassed to admit it, but it's true. Today, however, as I listened to the news on the radio, I was overwhelmed by the tragedy of it. The loss of life. The devastation to a country already experiencing great poverty. The need for more help than I can imagine. The fact that I have friends here in Norristown who are Haitian and likely are still waiting for word from their families back home. What happened in Haiti is horrific, and it's not OK for me to ignore it.

I think Scot McKnight said it perfectly today:

I make no claim to know what God is doing in Haiti, but I do know that God's intent is to reconcile all things to himself and so, in prayer, in giving, and in mobilizing humans to help the suffering of Haiti, we commit ourselves to enter now into the work of binding up the brokenhearted and healing the wounded.

May we crawl, with God, into this rubble and be the presence of God, bring the presence of God, and lead Haiti into the healing presence of God.


Hi. My name is Alanna. said...

You know, Becky, I have to wonder if God is not in part drawing the world's attention to a part of His creation that has been so poor and devoid of Him for a reason. I don't ever hear of people praying for Haiti or going to Haiti though it is consistently listed as one of the worst third world countries with such great need. Makes me think that we should seriously consider Him in a way we haven't and what it really means to BE His hands, His feet, and honestly give our lives to people in a way that can only speak of God. Even those who know Him least and are farthest from Him are not forgotten by Him for even a moment. Hard to know where to start honestly, but seriously makes me think I need to ask God who He wants me to pray for and for what b/c I realize how little I really know about what He wants for the world as a whole in this generation today.

Christy said...

AMEN! I know that God is still in this because I, like you, am usually desensitized to things like this but God won't let it out of my mind. He does want to reconcile those people whose world is filled with much witchcraft and evil to himself. Praying that the people of Haiti would receive much needed physical help but ultimately turn to God for the salvation of their souls.

Anonymous said...
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