07 October 2010

another reason to love Norristown

Some of you think we're crazy for living in Norristown... and even crazier for loving Norristown.

I'll admit that Norristown has certain qualities that drive me crazy. I don't like the fact that neighborhood kids destroy my plants. We weren't happy the day someone smashed our car window to steal our CD player and Peter's Leatherman. Graffiti isn't my favorite art form. I hate having to move our car for street cleaning day.

HOWEVER, I love this place for so many reasons. It's become such a part of us that it's hard for me to imagine living anywhere else. (Except France. I can always imagine living in France.) What I love most is the diverse population and all the beautiful things it brings to our lives. A few weeks ago we came home around 9pm anxious to put the kids to bed, and this party was going on next door.

How cool is that? How many of you have heard a live mariachi band outside your window recently? Did I mention that I love Norristown?

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Christy said...

How fun! I would love that too!