02 November 2010

national adoption month

It's National Adoption Month, which reminds me how fortunate I am to know so many amazing families who have been willing to think outside the box and experience the tremendous blessing of adoption. I have so many friends (in real life and the cyber world) who have loved and sacrificed until they thought their hearts would break for beautiful children who needed a forever family. I consider it a great honor to experience the ups and downs of adoptive parenting with them.

I love that my kids don't think they're unusual because they know so many other adopted kids. I enjoy seeing them get excited about welcoming home new friends. I can't wait to watch them as we celebrate our friends' first Gotcha Day later this month. I'm thrilled that they think we should adopt more kids and that they talk about doing it when they grow up.

Today I'm especially excited because they're downstairs making cards for their three cousins who will be staying with us for the weekend. They're always incredibly excited when any of their cousins come to town, but this visit is unusual because they have a brand new cousin that they're not going to be able to hold on their lap like their other new cousins. This cousin is way too big for babying, but he reminds me again that families are formed in all kinds of ways. It makes me smile (and cry a little) to think about it. I'm pretty sure God feels the same way.

P.S. Welcome to the family, John!

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Shayn* said...

WOW!! What a tree! Watch out for them wild Bowersox kids, John!