23 November 2010

turkey hunt

With Thanksgiving quickly approaching, we're definitely ready around here. Yesterday after school, the 3 kids invented a new activity. 2 turkeys would hide while the hunter, outfitted with bright orange safety goggles, searched for them with a Nerf gun. If not immediately found, they would let out a few gobbles to move things along. Once the turkeys had been shot one or more times, they passed the gun and started over with a new hunter.

Evidently you can move the kids to the city, but you can't take the hunter out of little Krahn children. After all, their tribe is known for being great hunters. Of course, I only lay partial blame on their heritage. The rest goes on the unnamed relatives who took them to the garage last fall to see a hanging deer carcass, as well as the ones who polluted our gun-free home with a Nerf gun in the first place.

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