26 May 2011

cast your vote

I've been informed that numerous people are frustrated by my slowness in choosing a business name, and I apologize. Sometimes life just happens, and I need to change plans. Life definitely happened this past week, and I'm trying to get back on track.

So without further ado, I believe this is a complete and uncensored list of all the names I received. If a name you suggested is missing, please let me know immediately. It was an error and not a judgment on your suggestion. I do reserve the right to veto a name on the final vote if I feel a strong reason to do so, but that's not likely to happen.

Some of these names have very intriguing derivations and thoughts behind them, but I decided to only list the name that will go on the business card. No matter how interesting the back story is, customers will react to the name when they hear it. I can't fit the whole story on the card, though it might end up in the "about us" on the website.

Please read the names carefully and choose your favorite five. Then send me the names by private facebook message or an email to peterandbecky @ hotmail . com (with spaces removed). Please do not leave your votes as a comment.

I will leave the initial voting open until Friday at noon, which gives you 26 hours to see this post and make your decision.

The Creperie
Convenient Crepes
Crepes a go-go
Crepes, Cakes, & Bakes (Catering)
The Traveling Crepe (Catering)
Holy Crepe Catering
“I Crepe You” Catering
Got Crepe?
The Great Crepe Escape
Crepe-mates Catering
La Chandeleur Catering
Liberty Catering/Caterers
Monkey Crepes
Oh Crepe
Crepes on a Stick
Bonjour Crepe
The Crepe Lady
Crepes a la Carte
The Skinny Crepe
Rebecca's Crepes and More
The Galloping Crepe
Divine Catering
Crepes, Etc. or Crepes Et Cetera
Hors d'oeuvres, Crepes, & Such
Crepes & Such
Crepes & Stuff
Catering Crepe Lady
Rebecca Bowersox Catering/Caterers
Cosmopolitan Catering
Norristown Catering
Becky's Baking & More Catering
Becky's Bountiful Catering Co.
The French Confection
Let Them Eat Crepes
Flavor of Paris
Taste of Paris
Paris at your Door
Crepe Expectations
Crepes Rebecq (Catering)
West End Catering
The Crepe Escape
Rebecca Bowersox : Crepe Lady


even one sparrow said...

Hi Becky-

Just a clarification question. Will you have other desserts/foods besides crepes? That will help me narrow down my votes.


Becky said...

My intention at this point is to do crepe catering and cocktail style parties, which would be hors d'oeuvres & finger desserts. If the crepe thing takes off, maybe some day I'll only do crepes. I'm trying to specialize but still keep the door open a little to see where things go because I've recently been asked to do hors d'oeuvres receptions, and I enjoy that kind of party food.