15 May 2011

help needed

We officially determined a few months ago that one of us needs to get a part time job in order to stay afloat financially for the long haul. We've considered numerous options. Catering was one of them. I've actually considered it on and off for years, but I didn't want to do it unless I could go through the process of becoming a "real" caterer with access to a commercial kitchen and health department approval. Those two obstacles were always deal breakers for me since I only wanted to cater on the side. In January, I finally decided that I was going to give up the idea of catering permanently. I was really at peace about the decision, and I knew I would still have chances to handle the food for friends' parties and ACPPA Community Art Center from time to time.

It felt good to move on, and I was happy... until I started getting a steady stream of requests for my services from a variety of different connections. I even carefully explained to a few people that I'm not a "real" caterer, but they didn't want to settle for my answer. So... the past week things have very suddenly come together, and we're about 98% certain that I will soon be a "real" caterer, specializing in made to order crepes and cocktail style parties. It will be a very part time venture, as we don't want to take a lot of time away from our work at the Norristown Community House or Montgomery County Community College.

I'm super excited about it all. The only part I'm not excited about is coming up with a name for my business. That's not my strength. It's evidently not Peter's either, since he was in favor of Crepes N'at... a name that might work in Pittsburgh but would be disastrous on the Main Line. So I need your help. I need to you to comment or email me (peterandbecky @ hotmail . com - Just take out the spaces) with your idea for a name. Please remember that crepe catering will be my niche, but I don't want a name that makes it sound like I only do crepes. At this point, I still want the flexibility of doing other small parties as well until I see what direction the business goes.

I'll collect suggestions until Tuesday at noon and then I'll put them out for a vote. It's not a long time, but I'm doing food for a friend's event on Thursday, and I'm hoping to get enough good name ideas that we can choose and run a temporary set of business cards to hand out. Peter and I reserve the right to veto any name, but we're not likely to do that since we're desperate for all your ideas and opinions. The creator of the winning name will receive a $10 gift card to his or her choice of locations: Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, Panera, Cold Stone Creamery, or Dairy Queen.

So will you help a desperate, soon to be famous, very part time caterer? Please?


Zack Groff said...

Hey Becky! I just started a business and it is a lot of work, but also VERY exciting. I'm excited for you, too! :) Here are some suggestions from Joc and I, along with some "market-worthy analysis":

-"Rebecca Bowersox Catering/Caterers" - You can't go wrong with a classy and/or sophisticated business name that incorporates your personal name! You could shorten it by taking out "Rebecca." On the flipside, it may not stick in people's minds. :/

- "Cosmopolitan Catering" - Classy and alliterative! Thus, will stick in the mind easily (hopefully). Also, it suggests the low-key feel of events that you specialize in. However, it may suggest a raunchiness (that you certainly do not intend) as a result of the magazine by the same name.

- "Norristown Catering" - This time, we go for an association with the area/region from which you are based out of. Pros - simple & sophisticated; rooted in a place and history. Cons - Norristown isn't exactly the paragon of high-class living that your potential clientele may be looking for. :/

- "Crepelaterie" - Let's go the route of Chocolat with this one. Pros: sounds French (i.e. sexy); evokes associations with an absolutely delightful film. Cons: will not fool anyone that actually knows French; isn't clear that you're a caterer; evokes associations with the lottery, and a strange, chocolate-obsessed gypsy(ish) woman. :)

Look out for more suggestions from the Groffs. :)


ps. Jocelyn has suggested a slogan/motto for you: "Our crepes will bower your sox off!"

TakeMeHome said...

Becky's Baking & More Catering

Becky's Bountiful Catering Co.

-Autumn :)

Anonymous said...

This is Daria.... Well, there's always "crepes and crap" , but if you want to be more cultured than the average 6year old boy, how about "the French confection" (although you might get sued for that) or "let them eat cake" (or I suppose "let them eat crepes"). I could go on and on....

Jonathan D. Coppadge said...


You can pronounce it either American or French for classy points.

even one sparrow said...

Woot! This is so exciting! I'm going to e-mail this blog to Elliott. He's really good at coming up with catchy names. So is Michael Whitnah, if you wanna shoot him an e-mail!

Anonymous said...

This is Daria, again. No offense to Peter & fam, but I wouldn't use Bowersox in the name. It just doesn't exactly have that cosmopolitan feel. Also, in 3rd grade we used to call him Peter Soursocks (I know, we were mean) and Soursocks and crepes just don't go well together in my mind, ya know?

Anyway. I can't help thinking "Crepes Rebecq" (Rebecq is a cute little French-speaking Belgian town - not really famous for crepes - in fact not really famous for anything that I know of, but it sounds like your name and sounds cool. ) But it may be perplexing to English-speakers. Or, Crepes Rebecq Catering. That way people will know it's a catering business.

If you use your name, use "Rebecca" - it sounds classier in a business name than Becky or Becca (too colloquial/informal).

I'm having an idea-dry Saturday. Just thought I'd add that. I can usually come up with all kinds of drivel - not today, though.

Anonymous said...

Oh, P.S. (Daria again). You can use crepes in the name as long as you feature crepes on the menu - menu wouldn't have to consist entirely of crepes, it would just be what you're "known for".

Anonymous said...

I still love The Crepe Lady