14 July 2006

hurry up and wait

That pretty much sums up the entire adoption process. You work yourself crazy taking care of all kinds of paperwork, and you do it as fast as you can so you can bring your kids home soon. Then you wait for the government to process your paperwork. In our case, we should have been matched with kids very quickly after we got our approval back. Unfortunately, things went wrong so we waited 5 months more. Finally we heard about OUR BOYS. We figured once Moses made it to the orphanage we would get pictures and personal information, but still we wait. We're getting very good at waiting. Hopefully we'll have something to report over the weekend, but we've learned not to put any certainty in the adoption process. It's exhausting, but we know that when all is said and done the perfect kids will join our family. That moment will be worth all the waiting.

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