09 July 2006


It's hard to believe that it has been nearly 2 weeks since either of us have posted here, but we've had very little extra time and even less energy. Frankly, most of June was a significant emotional struggle as we waited to hear news about our kids. It's still a struggle to wait, but we FINALLY have something to report!
On Friday, June 30, we called our adoption agency to let them know we'd be out of town for a few days and how they could reach us... just in case. They told us that they were FINALLY going to be taking in a large number of kids... the first time since the adoption process shut down back in March. They told us about 2 siblings that were supposed to enter the orphanage the following day. We were tentatively excited but also overwhelmed to think that the next day a family would have to relinquish 2 children they loved in order to do the best thing for them. We were worried about the boys and how they would adjust. We didn't want to tell anyone until it was certain because we weren't ready to handle the heartbreak of explaining bad news to lots of people. Basically, we were confused.
We headed to North Carolina to visit Peter's family with the cell phone never more than 2 feet away. When we arrived, we (mostly Becky) flew into a panic upon discovering that the cell phone didn't get a signal and the land line at Peter's brother's place was dysfunctional! We opted to casually tell our sister-in-law that our adoption agency might need to call us, and we left a message for them with her number. Sunday night we were out to dinner with Peter's family when Elizabeth passed us her phone. We ran out of the restaurant to learn that the boys had NOT arrived, but they really expected them to. We made excuses to the family and went back to waiting.
Wednesday evening we arrived home and got word that the oldest boy was in the orphanage and grandma would be bringing in the baby on the weekend. We began to feel that this might really happen, but we were still nervous. We opted to tell our parents and get them praying.
Last night we got the call that grandma stopped by. She was on her way to pick up the baby and bring him in. It's a 2 day trek out to the village in the bush and 2 days back (they don't have cars or public transit), so we are still waiting but... it looks like these boys are really going to be ours!
So after that LOOONG intro, we are please to announce that we expect to be the very proud parents of Saturday and Moses. Saturday is 2, and Moses is 1. Saturday proudly arrived at the orphanage and announced, "My name is Saturday, not Sunday." One of these days we'll give him a new first name and make Saturday his middle name... With a name like Saturday Bowersox, you're guaranteed to have a tough elementary school career. We're not sure whether we're going to give Moses a new first name or middle name.
We appreciate any and all prayers on our behalf right now. Specific requests would be: Pray that Saturday continues to adjust well at the orphanage. Pray for grandma and Moses as they travel. Pray for the family as they mourn the loss of their children. Pray for the boys' health... We'll receive the results of blood tests soon. There is also the constant threat of malaria for the young children in Liberia. Pray for our sanity. We still have at least 4-6 months of a brand new Liberian adoption process to survive.
We'll keep posting here over the next week or 2 as things develop. We'll even have pictures to post soon. And don't worry, not all the posts will be this long!

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