25 July 2006

life in the developing world

If you've been anxiously awaiting news about our boys, join the club. There was some miscommunication between Liberia and our agency in the US previously... something that we struggle with at Worldlink as well when we're trying to communicate with those in the developing world. We finally learned that the boys were with their birthmother again... not in the orphanage like we expected. They were officially relinquished this past Saturday and are now safely in the orphanage. Unfortunately, we're now in Costa Rica and dealing with our own communication problems. We found out yesterday that the agency now has all the info on the boys... pictures, history, and medicals. However, she forgot that we can't be reached by phone. We asked her to email us everything. She said she will do it today, but she hasn't yet. We may not be able to get to an internet cafe again today, so we may have to wait until tomorrow. We're both on edge as we wait... Peter even more than Becky, which is quite a surprise. Stay tuned for news tomorrow. Sorry we haven't kept you all up to speed, but we had a miserable week last week before leaving. Now we have to find time to get to an internet cafe for a few quick minutes each day in the midst of working with this team. Being stuck in Costa Rica doing ministry isn't all bad though. You should see the beach!

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