13 July 2007

animated joy

When Garty is happy, he's insanely happy and unbelievably expressive. He will often bounce up and down screaming ecstatically. We've tried to capture these expressions of joy on camera without success for 3 months now, but today we got this great picture of him as he frantically shook one of his toys.

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Jocelyn said...

Hi, I don't now if you know me, but my name is Jocelyn and I'm getting ready to bring my son Isaac home next month...I will be staying in Philadelphia with my parents for two weeks after Isaac and I get back from Liberia.

My mom works at Montgomery Hospital in Norristown, and she lives right outside collegeville. I would love to meet you while, I'm in Philadelphia. I've been following your story since you brought your three home...

Let me know.

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Alanna Bryan said...

Adorable!!! I love it!

Faith said...

Oh, what a cutie he is! I love his smile!
Blessings, Faith

Anonymous said...

Yes! Joyful baby! He's beautiful!