06 July 2007

reading list

In the past few months we've been asked a few times about what we've been reading. It amuses us to realize that people think we read. We both love to read, but very little reading has happened in our world since we graduated from seminary in 2003... and even less has happened since we bought our house in 2005. Interestingly though, between some long plane flights and nights stuck in the house putting kids to bed, we've started reading again. It's sad that having kids has improved our reading, but that's our reality. At any rate, last night we thought we'd add a reading list to our sidebar because we've got killer colds and don't have energy for anything but sitting on the couch, so messing with our blog sounded fun. As a bonus, it offers you another way to waste time if you feel inclined to check out some books. All the titles are links so you can get details. By the way, we've linked to amazon because they offer reviews for those who care. However, we're really excited about abunga.com, a newer retailer that is content-safe and donates 5% of their profits to non-profit groups of your choice. It's pretty cool. If we ever buy books again, we'll use it.

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gavin said...

It's an amazing feeling to fall back in love with reading isn't it? I remember reading a TON when I was young, then getting out of it until the middle of college where it just grabbed my attention.

Glad you found Abunga.com, and I'm glad you like how we do business.

Thanks for the shout out to Abunga.com.

The E Myth Revisited a great book, hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

Thanks again!

Abunga.com Team Member