21 July 2007

the ultimate compliment

Our new neighbors invited us to come to their family BBQ today. There were probably 50 people there. One of the men is married to a white girl, so there were 3 of us total when we arrived. At one point our neighbor asked who did Patience's hair. When I said I did, she responded by asking, "Are you lying to me?" She then asked Patience who did it to confirm. Once convinced that it really was my handiwork, she and another woman complimented me up and down and said they didn't do any better when their girls were Patience's age. Needless to say, I'm terribly pleased with myself right now. I think they were overly generous with their praise, but I don't think were just lying to make me feel good either. There is not greater compliment than having a black mama tell a white mama that she did a great job on her black cutie's hair.

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kathie Devaney said...

I remember those days. What a great compliment.
We were at the barber just 3 weeks ago for Randall and the barber was telling him he can't take a shower everyday and wash his hair. For Randall that was like a prison sentence, he takes the hotest longest showers of anyone I know. The barber was talking to us like we were abusing him for letting him take showers everyday and dare I say wash his hair, I was yea we know, but he likes to shower. So it never goes away. Love reading about all you live lessons and seeing the kids, what a blessing. Hope to someday meet them in person.