13 August 2007

American birthday celebration

Last night we celebrated Joshua's 6th birthday (a few days early) with some of his aunts and uncles, a cousin, all his grandparents, and all his great grandparents there. We even included his "friends," as much as he understands having friends at this point. We've been talking about the party for a few weeks, so there was plenty of excitement around our house the past few days. It was fun to watch Joshua learn how to blow out candles. He was surprised by the presents, as we had left that part out of all our discussions. Actually, as one who has never planned a kids' birthday party, I forgot about the presents as well! People were leaving when Meg reminded me that Joshua hadn't opened them. It was a fun evening for us and hopefully for our guests as well. My only regret is that we don't have a bigger house so we could invite lots more family and friends to share this momentous first with us. Below are a few pictures from the big event.

Mommy explaining to Joshua how to blow out candles

3 down, 3 to go

Garty and Grandmom having a great time

Patience loving her cake

Joshua at the "after party" party considering becoming a Chippendale
(There's actually a simple not at all creepy explanation for this picture, but we prefer to make you wonder.)
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Amy said...

Becky, you have 3 of the cutest kids! :) Thanks for all the pictures (even the "creepy" one! :) So CUTE!)
How funny that they sing like Ruby does. And the story about Patience praying for Ruby is adorable. I wish I could hear that. How sweet.

EEEEMommy said...

Happy Birthday, Joshua! It looks like a great day!