28 August 2007

new car

No, we didn't get a minivan, despite many suggestions that it's time. Actually, we didn't even get a new car, but it feels like we did! In the past month, we've finally replaced the stereo that was stolen from our car last August. There's no longer a large whole in our dashboard. Joshua and Patience were very impressed that Mommy's car now has music, and it only cost us a few dollars for trim pieces thanks to our friend Dan who gave us the stereo. To make things even more exciting, Peter replaced our partially yellow back bumper tonight. We've been watching the paint flake off for quite some time now, but Peter recently found a matching bumper at a junkyard. We had designated some Christmas money for car repairs, but it took us this long to get to it. So our car now looks totally normal and won't embarrass us on the rare occasion when we're at a special event where these things are noticed. On the down side, we're going to have trouble locating our dark green Camry in crowded parking lots without the unique bumper design.

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