13 March 2008


Over the past few days while Joshua has been sick, he has told us several times, "My belly saying 'Grrrrrrr.'" Of course, this makes Mommy panic, but he hasn't actually vomited since he left the nurse's office. So here's the conversation Patience and I had less than 5 minutes ago.

  • P: My belly not saying, "Grrr."
  • B: That's good. It means your belly is happy. Happy bellies don't say, "Grrr."
  • P: Uh huh. Happy belly say, "Meow."


Theresa said...

Sick bellies are like tigers (Grrr) and happy bellies are like kitties (meow). It totatly makes sense to me!


Hi. My name is Alanna. said...

This cracks me up! Love it!!!! Kids - they just make u smile, ya know?

Sorry I haven't been over to comment (or read) in a while. I actually did catch up some over the weekend, but haven't written to you. I hope things are getting healthier!! ;)

I'll try to catch up more this week. Have a good one. We love and miss y'all and wish we could see those adorable little ones of yours.