10 March 2008

why did I say it????

I'm not in any way superstitious. At least I wasn't before today. However, last night I dared to say, "I know the winter isn't over, but the kids have been amazingly healthy for their first winter ever." Overnight Garty was coughing fairly frequently, and I started to get a little nervous. This morning when he still wasn't awake at 11am, I finally went in to find him passed out in a puddle of snot at one end and pee at the other. It took 2 baths to get the smell off. Less than an hour later the school nurse called. Joshua had a fever of 101 and really bad chills. By the time Peter left work and picked him up 15 minutes later, he had puked twice and had diarrhea in the nurse's office. Meanwhile Garty started a fever, and I had already used a large pile of tissues cleaning up the neverending fountain of snot. So we have two boys with fevers and completely different illnesses. The way I figure it, if they time things just right, trade germs with each other and share them with the rest of the family, we could probably manage to have non-stop sickness until Easter. So the moral of the story is: Keep your mouth shut when you have a good thing going!

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Jamie said...

You are 100 percent correct. As soon as you say something about the lack of illness in your family, that is when it strikes. I did the same thing last week, commenting on how healthy I have been this winter and voila!! I woke up on Saturday feeling achey and stuffy with a pounding headache. Sounds like your boys got what is going around at our school. We have had two or three absent at a time for the last 2 weeks. Fever, vomiting, cough, congestion....you guys have it all. All I can say is Lysol and hand sanitizer!