27 March 2008

still alive

Remember that fateful day when I cursed my family by commenting on our good health? Well, at least one of us has been sick non-stop since that day. Unfortunately, I've been the sickest. The crazy thing is I've thought I was getting over whatever it is several times... having a much better day and feeling somewhat healthy. Then I crashed even lower than the previous round. Currently I'm mostly healthy except for this nagging cough that acts up if I exert myself in any way at all. When I say "exert myself," I'm not talking about taking a jog. I'm talking about walking up the stairs too fast. That's good for at least 5 minutes of coughing. Raising my voice for any reason. 2 minutes. Picking Garty up. 1 minute. Oh, going from lying down to standing up or vice versa also is a good 5 minutes of hacking. So I've been totally useless around here for the better part of 2 weeks. Fortunately, Easter weekend was one of my getting better phases, so we enjoyed time with family and friends. I have some pictures I'll post when I don't have to walk to a different floor to get the camera. I'll update more soon, but evidently writing a blog post is also good for some coughing. No explainable reason for that one since I'm sitting in a chair. Sorry for the silence over the past few weeks. I know how frustrating it is when I visit friends' blogs repeatedly and don't see any updates.

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Anonymous said...

Good to hear from you! That's so sad you've been sick for so long. When you are younger it's kind of fun to be sick, but not when you're the mom...you STILL have to do all your work, on top of being sick. I pray you get better soon! All the way better!!