28 May 2009

current health crisis

So Peter thought he had a clogged pore or something like that in his armpit, and it hurt. Then it got bigger. Then he couldn't lift his arm without intense pain. Then he started having tingly feelings, and he realized he better see the doctor. Last night she put him on an antibiotic and told him that if the redness spread, he should go straight to the ER. It did spread quite a bit, but it went from redness to pinkness. We weren't sure what to do, so he called the doctor this morning. She told him he could go sit in the ER behind all the critical cases and wait to have it drained or come see her 15 minutes later. It wasn't a hard choice. She numbed it, cut it open, drained lots of yuck, and packed it with gauze. He is supposed to let it ooze until Saturday and then go back to have it closed up. She put him on a second antibiotic and gave him a prescription for Vicodin in case over the counter pain killers aren't strong enough. In the meantime, he can't do a whole lot with him arm. Of course, it had to be the left one (he's a lefty), and we need to finish up the last of the work in Patience's new room before Sunday when Danny is moving in with us for part of the summer. You know, lots of hammering, drilling, reaching above your head, holding heavy doors. And evidently I'm not capable of doing much of the work even if I wanted to. Good times. Please feel free to pray for a quick and full recovery and lots of grace to get through the next few days.


C and C said...

That is interesting. Christian had something very similar on his leg a couple months ago. His got really bad though and spread before he wanted to do something about it. Not wanting to go to the doctor we treated it with Neem oil and it cleared up. I am pretty sure that it was some sort of staph infection which was why we were hesitant to go to the doctor anyway knowing that the protocol was antibiotics. I had read that Manuka honey was scientifically proven to be more effective than anti-biotics and wanted to try that instead. We used that Manuka honey and the Neem oil but the Neem actually seemed to be more effective. He was in a lot of pain too and couldn't even wear pants without it being painful.
Not sure where it came from and thankfully it didn't spread to anyone else but we were ready for it if it did. Hopefully he gets better soon.

Peter and Becky Bowersox said...

Christy, I've never tried Neem oil. I'm a big fan of tea tree oil. We use it to cure just about everything in our house, but it was no match for this infection. I'll have to check it out. We, like you, aren't thrilled about the antibiotics, although Peter was pretty desperate and was just happy to start healing. I've been thinking about experimenting with lactofermentation, so this may be a good time to start and get some extra probiotics in his system.