24 December 2009

the best birthday gift

So we picked out our birthday gifts for Jesus last night, and it was great to talk with the kids about why Jesus came and what kind of gifts he would like. They insisted that he would really want a picture, so they're drawing pictures to put under our tree of the gifts we're giving.

But just a few minutes ago I realized that at midnight last night, as I watched our dear friends exit the airport terminal with their two new beautiful daughters, I witnessed one of the best gifts anyone could ever give Jesus. What a privilege for Peter and I to be present for the homecoming of two girls who will know the love and care of a family this Christmas and forever. I'm feeling a little teary and overwhelmed by it right now (and I'm sure sleep deprivation plays in a bit), but I just know that Jesus is seriously enjoying his birthday present.

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Kelly said...

Hey Becky - Kenzie said the same thing that she really wanted to make him a picture. I guess that's what we always ask for.