13 December 2009

an unplanned blogging break

My blog counter tells me that some of you were expecting some blog posts this past week. I was expecting to write some posts this past week, but life doesn't always work the way we expect. On Tuesday I finally succumbed to the illness that had been trying to take hold, and I had a few unpleasant days. It's mostly over, though my voice hasn't returned yet. Peter's grandmother was admitted to the hospital this week, which means he has spent quite a few hours driving to and from the hospital and visiting her. We'd appreciate your prayers for her, as it looks like she's unlikely to make it home before Christmas. Between hospital trips and putting in a 12 hour day Saturday for Worldlink, I've been feeling the stress of being home with 3 kids who are "in a stage." Throw a few more unexpected thing in the mix, and the week was over. But tomorrow's a new day. One in which I plan to get back on track with much of my life, including blogging. I won't promise, because that's a dangerous thing to do, but I am hopeful.

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