03 December 2009

Honoring Christmas: the cards are coming

We received our first 2 Christmas cards in the mail today, so I thought tonight would be a good time to change my intended order of posts and share a Christmas tradition we started 2 years ago.

Those of you who send Christmas cards know it can be time consuming to send out a stack of cards, even if all you do is sign your name or write the address. If you compose a family newsletter or write personal notes, it's a huge task. The year our kids came home, I was so frazzled that I was barely even looking at the cards as they came in. It bothered me that I wasn't acknowledging the effort and expense that went into each greeting, so Peter and I figured out a new plan that we really like.

When we get a card or letter, we set it aside. After dinner each night we sit around the table and read the ones that have come in. Then we take time to pray for the people who sent them. If we know specific needs, we pray specifically. If we don't, we just pray a general blessing. Later the photos go on the fridge and all other cards are hung in the living room to beautify our Christmas season.

The whole process only adds a few minutes to our dinner time, but it's good to read the cards and talk about our friends and family together. And we're assuming no one minds being prayed for.

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Anonymous said...

LOVE THIS!! We got our first 2 cards yesterday, so it's perfect timing! Thanks for this great idea! :) --Rachel

Christy said...

What a lovely idea. Thanks!