13 November 2006

busy days & nights

As you may have assumed, we haven't heard any news about the kids in a week, so we haven't posted any updates. We're assuming this means Garty is still feeling alright. However, the woman who sends us updates hasn't had internet access since hers went down last Thursday, so it could just mean that she hasn't read the news from Liberia to send it on to us. Either way, we're trying to go on with our day to day routines trusting that God has everything under control. We spent some time on Saturday with Barbara-Jo, who is anxious for the kids to get home so she can get her hands on Garty.

Our adoption is supposed to be finalized before Thanksgiving, and then the last hurdle is getting passports for the 3 kids. Please pray with us that things would go smoothly. Although we aren't anxious to have the added stress of celebrating Christmas with 3 kids who just got to America, we are anxious to get Garty the medical care he needs as soon as possible.

Things have been pretty crazy here lately, as Becky went from working 2 days a week in the Worldlink office to also waitressing at Outback Steakhouse 3 nights a week and tutoring a few French and Spanish students before teaching ESL on Wednesday evenings. It's been a big adjustment for us, and we went almost 3 weeks without sitting down to dinner together at home! We're starting to get into a routine now and are learning to steal little bits of time together whenever we can find them. This is only a temporary situation. ESL ends in mid-December, and Outback will end whenever the kids come home. We may try to work it out so tutoring can continue one night a week because the scheduling is totally flexible, it keeps Becky connected to her passion for teaching and language, and it pays pretty well. We'll just see if we think we can handle it once the kids are here.

While Becky is at work, Peter has been getting lots of projects done around the house, so it should be much safer and better looking by the time the kids come home. The kids' room looks great, and we're now putting away their clothes and books and toys.

So if you haven't heard from us in a while, now you know why. The goal is to catch up on email and update the blog more frequently between now and Thanksgiving, although we make no promises.

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