03 November 2006

no news is... no news

Some of you are starting to wonder why we haven't updated you on Garty this week. Unfortunately, we have nothing at all to report. The only thing we've learned since last Friday (a week ago!) is that he's back at his foster home. We still don't have the ultrasound pictures or any information about what they may or may not be planning to do next. Needless to say, we're a bit frustrated. We often think that no news is good news, and it probably is good news that they haven't rushed him to the hospital this week. However, the ultrasound definitely showed something wrong with his kidneys, so that needs to be fixed before his body can heal completely. If you want specific things to pray about, we would appreciate prayers regarding the arrival of the ultrasound pictures so they can be read by a radiologist and interpreted by a specialist in addition to prayers that his body will be strong enough to continue to fight this infection.
We did learn this week that the Liberian passport office claims that they will be moving passports more quickly from now on. This is potentially good news, as we know a family that has been waiting for passports for their twins for almost 5 months now!! (It used to take 2-3 weeks. Then it was taking 4-6. Then things got really messed up!) Our adoption should be finalized on or around Nov. 20. It will REALLY be pushing it to get passports before the end of 2006, but please join us in praying for a miracle. In some ways, we would love to wait until January or February to bring the kids home. Then we would have the extra time to get through the holidays (a potentially very stressful time with 3 new overwhelmed kids) and get some things taken care of in the house and financially. On the other hand, we really need to get Garty more extensive medical care. We know God is in control of the situation and He knows best. We also know that He can do a very clear miracle in the passport office if He wants to. We're just leaving it in His hands and asking Him to move. If He chooses not to, we will try to rest in the knowledge that He is infinitely wiser than we are.

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