29 November 2006

good news & bad news

The good news is that we just learned that we're legally parents! They will be submitting passport applications for our kids by the weekend. After that, we're just waiting for "the call." It may take 3 weeks or 3 months, but there aren't any other steps in the process. We're just waiting for the phone to ring!
The bad news is that Garty is sick again with the same kidney infection. We figured this would happen eventually since he definitely has some kind of kidney abnormalities, but we were so encouraged by his stretch of good health. He's been on oral antibiotics, but he still got sick again. He'll be getting antibiotics by injection daily for the next week. During his period of wellness, he gained weight and his appetite increased tremendously, so they're hopeful that he'll start feeling better right away and not lose more weight. If they feel he is serious danger and the passport in nowhere near completion, they will probably do what they can to get him to Ghana. Please pray with us that this doesn't become necessary. We are praying for a quick response to the antibiotics and that God would miraculously move our kids' paperwork through this passport office mess at a quick pace. (And feel free to throw in a prayer that we somehow get through this tremendously long list of things we need to accomplish before we get on the plane!)

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