21 November 2006

Liberian passport problems

Some of you have asked if there is a way to speed up the passport process so we can get the kids home. Unfortunately, there isn't. The problem is not one that we can solve through typical US solutions. Putting pressure on them could simply cause them to "lose" our kids' paperwork for a while. Things don't work in Liberia the way they do here. On a positive note, today the problems in the passport office finally hit the local radio station in Liberia. If you want to read the story they aired, you can find it here. It's possible that having the attention of the Liberian public focused on the issue may lead to improvements. Our best course of action at this time is to pray for a miracle. That could be a miracle in getting the passports issued quickly (we have heard a few such stories) or a miracle in Garty's health so he can hang in there for an extra month or two or whatever it takes. It certainly seems that God is sustaining him despite problems in his kidneys.

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