05 September 2007

second day same as the first

We're beat, so we'll save ourselves the energy of telling you what happened today. Just envision yesterday's story except the wailing and kicking started at a different entrance to the school. The bruised and battered guidance counselor appeared again and carried him off. As before, he settled down when they got to the classroom. The difference today was that Mommy was able to walk away and go home without fighting tears all day and second-guessing our decision to start school this fall because we both knew he'd have fun. This afternoon and evening he kept telling us things about how they raise their hands with 2 fingers in the air when they have to use the bathroom or about how they signal for everyone to be quiet. He's clearly enjoying himself, although he did mention several times that school is "a long time." Please keep praying for Joshua as you think of him over these next days and weeks. We're thinking of starting a pool where everyone can bet on how many days he'll keep this routine going. (Of course, we'll skim a percentage of the money off the top before paying out to the winner to compensate for our pain and suffering.)


EEEEMommy said...

I am praying! I agree, school is a long time.

kathie d said...

I remember those days, Ross had such attachment issues. He took about 8 days before he would go without a fuss. He was in the preschool handicap program. So he was younger but he said he was worried he wouldn't come back home to our house, but go back to where he was in foster care. Praying for you all continually.

Anonymous said...

Hey Becky, its Addy Rigsby, remember me? Anyway, I check your blog every now and then and I wanted you to know our son Dan started Kindergarten last week. He's cried almost every day when he is dropped off and several times has had to be physically removed from me kicking and screaming. He also says it's a long day and that he misses his family. So don't beat yourself up about it being too soon for him. We've had our son since the day he was born. I think some little boys are just like that!! We're on day 5 of school and its getting much better. Good luck! -Addy