06 September 2007

what happened to our son?

After the second bad day at school, we were prepared for a week or two of misery. We decided that until things settle down, we would all take Joshua to school in the morning for consistency. We made it to the door without trouble as in the past and looked inside for the faithful guidance counselor. To our surprise, Joshua hugged us both goodbye and bounced into the building next to Isaiah, one of his classmates. As we picked our jaws up off the ground and turned to leave, the guidance counselor came out of the building, flagged us down, and (with shock in her voice) asked, "What did you do last night????" We then had a great chat with her because she has a foster son who is Liberian.

It amazed me how much more energy I had today compared to the first two days of school. (It's gone now because my mom picked up 100 ears of corn for me at the farm this morning, and together we filled the freezer for the upcoming winter.) It felt so good to know that Joshua really looked forward to school today.

After school our kids were playing on the playground, and Joshua's teacher came over to talk with me. She said that not only did Joshua enter the classroom with a smile, but he played with the other kids on the playground today. In her words, the previous two days were "parallel play" where he played near the other kids but not with them. Thanks to all who are praying for our little boy. Please don't quit! Monday could be like day 1 all over again.


Hi. My name is Alanna. said...

Yay!!! That is terrific! (And I'm jealous of the corn - it was pretty much gone by the time we got here. Maybe next year...) I'm so glad to hear that there is much hope for Joshua's fearfulness.

Theresa said...

Oh, what a relief! I'm so proud of Joshua. Going to school where everything is brand new must be terrifying. I'm so glad he's starting to settle in. It sounds like the guidance counselor and teacher are sensitive to his needs too. Praise God!